Welcome toOptions Eyecare

At Options Eyecare we have a strong philosophy. It is too easy in our throwaway society to overlook the fact that our vision is one of the most important and most easily damaged senses.

Ready-made magnifiers and quick consultations are becoming more prevalent, all to the detriment of good eye care. Our aim at Options Eyecare is to provide the highest possible standard of eye care via two vehicles:

The first is a thorough eye examination where no corners are cut.

We have the latest equipment and perform all of the necessary examinations. This includes routine glaucoma tests and dilating the pupils after 40 years of age or if there is a family history of ocular disease or diabetes. Digital retinal photography is a standard examination procedure.

The second standard we are setting is the quality of spectacles and the service provided with them.

Regardless of whether it is our finest designer frame or a budget range, we strive to ensure the optical appliances supplied fully meet your needs and pass our requirements as quality products.

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