Consultation Fees

While nearly all of our services are covered by Medicare they are no longer Bulk-Billed.

As a result, for a full comprehensive consultation up to 30 minutes your minimum out of pocket cost will be $20. Once you’ve made payment in full on the day we can process your Medicare rebate immediately through Medicare Online and it will be deposited to your nominated bank account, usually within 1/2 an hour, leaving you with that $20 out of pocket cost.

Specialist tests, such as: Lacrimal Lavage, Corneal Topography and OCT (Ocular Coherence Tomography) are to be patient funded, included in the fee schedule below.

Full CostMinimum Out of Pocket
Comprehensive Initialup to 30mins$79.05$20*
Brief Initial/Subsequentup to 20 mins$39.60$10*
Comprehensive Initial LONGup to 45mins$89.05$30*
Children’s Vision Assessment$39.60$10
Subsequent Consults$39.60$10
Field Test (One Eye)$42.75 (medicare rebate $29.60)
Field Test (Both Eyes)$70.15 (medicare rebate $56.40)

* Reduced fees apply for most concession holders and school age children. Veterans Affairs will continue to be Bulk-Billed.